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Losing Weight In A Healthy Way

You're probably wondering, "Is it possible to lose weight in an unhealthy way?" Actually, yes, it is. You may be in a hurry to lose weight, but if you lose weight at a rate of more than one or two pounds per week, it can shock your body. Furthermore, some diets or exercises that people do in their hurry to lose weight can harm their bodies if they try to move too fast. So, what are these risks, and how can you avoid them?

Maintain Sustainable Weight Loss

As mentioned above, doctors don't usually recommend extremely rapid weight loss. This is because it can be harmful to your body and because there aren't many healthy and sustainable ways to lose weight at a rate of more than one or two pounds per week.

For one thing, the diets that create this change are often unhealthy. Sometimes doctors will prescribe one of these extreme diets for a short period of time if excessive weight poses an immediate risk to a person's health. In addition, the exercises involved in rapidly burning large numbers of calories may also be too extreme for overweight people.

Avoid Drastic Exercises

Isn't exercise good for you? It is. But it's possible to work your body too hard, even if you're healthy. When you carry extra weight, it can raise your blood pressure, affect your heart, make it harder to breathe, limit your flexibility, and take a toll on your joints. All of these things mean that it might be dangerous for you to do some strenuous exercises – even if you want to. So how do you know how much is too much? Listen to your body. Don't do exercises if they hurt you. Do exercises that challenge you but not that you are unsure that you will complete. As you lose weight, it will become easier to exert yourself further. If you need more specific guidelines, talk to your doctor. You can also condition yourself to do more exercises by doing exercises that don't burn many calories but that condition muscles and work to improve your balance and joint health. Exercises such as yoga and tai chi are a great start.

Expect Plateaus

To get back to the topic of weight loss rates, it's normal for these rates to fluctuate. However, one of the most frustrating parts of losing weight is getting through plateaus. This is when you start to lose weight but then, even though you keep up with your diet and exercise, you stop losing weight. This is a natural part of weight loss, but it can happen more frequently if you try to lose weight quickly through extreme exercise or extreme dieting.

You lose weight by burning more calories than your body takes in through eating. The problem is that if you start taking in drastically fewer calories and start burning much more calories, your body may panic and try to retain more calories to keep your body from running out.

You can avoid many of these situations by eating a healthier diet that doesn't drastically reduce things like carbs, calories, and fats. Instead, try to get these from more nutritional sources. Also, keeping a more varied diet will help to keep your body from panicking so that you don't see plateau so often.

If you run into plateaus frequently or your plateaus last for more than a week or two, talk to your doctor.

Once you decide to lose weight or start losing weight, getting excited and pushing yourself too far can be easy. You can usually avoid this by trying to live a healthier life but remembering that your body has limitations and needs that need to be met. Keeping a close relationship with your health care provider during your weight loss journey is also important.

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